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A new hall for sambo training opened in Sysert

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A new hall for sambo training opened in Sysert

Sysert (Sverdlovsk region)

Today in Sysert, in the local sports school "Master-Dynamo" (at the address - Novyi microdistrict, 21), a new martial arts hall was solemnly opened. This became a joint project of the municipality and the UMMC Sambo Club (Verkhnyaya Pyshma). The administration of the Civil Defense undertook obligations for the reconstruction and repair of the building, and the UMMC CS, as part of the program for the development of our national sport in the territories of the company's presence, equipped the premises with sports equipment, laid a professional wrestling floor (on two carpets) and installed stands. About 350 children and adolescents will be able to practice in the sambo section in the new hall. The head of the Sysertsky GO Dmitry Niskovskikh, the president of the Sambo Federation of the Sverdlovsk region Shukhrat Makhmudov, the general director of the UMMC CS Valery Stennikov and the director of the Sports School “Master-Dynamo” congratulated the young athletes and all the townspeople »Igor Demidov. The President of the Regional SAMBO Federation thanked the administration of the municipality and the UMMC CC for giving the opportunity to appear such an important sports facility at this difficult time:

- We are very interested in Sambo expanding its geography by the territory of the entire Sverdlovsk region, - said Shukhrat Makhmudov. - Let this hall be your hospitable home, which will help you become who you dream. Bring love to this house, treat it with a soul, and he will certainly answer you with gratitude. I am sure that you will fondly remember the time spent here for many, many years to come.

In the junior finals Sambo wrestlers Sysert was expecting a real champion master class performed by the main stars of the UMMC CS: six-time world champion Alsim Chernoskulov, five-time world champion Ilya Khlybov, world champions Stanislav Scriabin and Vladimir Gladkikh. “Of course, the guys have a great potential,” Ilya Khlybov shared Like his colleagues, the younger generation threw themselves on the carpet on this day. “And it’s very nice that such sports facilities make it possible to correctly and correctly realize this potential. Let us remind you that the program for supporting children's sambo in the cities where UMMC has been operating since 2017. Today, in addition to the Sverdlovsk region, it covers three more regions. These are ten cities, nearly 20 halls and sections and almost 2,000 students.

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