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Ordering fireclay refractory bricks

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Ordering fireclay refractory bricks

As you know, building materials under the influence of fire are subject to serious modifications. However, there are materials that are able to withstand high temperatures. refractory brick . Due to its special properties, refractory bricks can be used for private and commercial construction projects.

Features of fireclay bricks exploitation

It is quite easy to distinguish this type of brick from other options for building materials. In addition to the yellowish tint and granular structure, refractory bricks can withstand high temperature conditions. Due to these properties, brick is widely used for the construction of fireplaces.

Ordering "Brick Row" products

In the company "Kirpichny Ryad" you can order these types of bricks in any volume. The main direction of the company is the supply of brick products. Specialists have been working in this area since 2007. During its effective operation, the company has learned to solve the assigned tasks. They were also able to accumulate solid experience to fully meet the needs of customers.

  • Wide range of products.
  • Help of qualified personnel in the selection of products.
  • Providing quality assurance.
  • Flexible system of discounts.
  • Quality customer service.

In addition to the above properties of the material, it can be noted that there is a fleet of vehicles for prompt shipment of goods. Refractory bricks are in stock and available for order.

Thus, ordering fireclay bricks will allow each client to receive a reliable, high-quality and practical material for a variety of construction purposes.

Main characteristics of refractory bricks

The company's website presents a brick with refractory properties with different parameters. The description page contains the following parameters - size, strength grade, weight, quantity in a pallet. For the convenience of customers, a price per unit is presented for each type of product. You can also order a quote on the website.

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