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Disinfection from coronavirus

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Disinfection from coronavirus

One of the conditions for the prevention of the incidence of a completely new coronavirus epidemic for all mankind is disinfection measures. They can be conditionally divided into 2 options:

  • Personal hygiene - washing hands with soap is obligatory, surface treatment of furniture items, wet cleaning of floors using recommended antiseptics.
  • Professional treatment - carried out by specialists using professional disinfectants and the use of special equipment, as well as compliance with protective measures.

The second, most effective and reliable method of disinfection is offered by the specialists of the PESTKO company. You can order the service through its official website https://pestco.com.ua/services /dezinfektsiya / by filling out the application form or by calling the phone number indicated on the main page.

In what cases professional disinfection is considered a mandatory measure

Widespread professional disinfection is carried out in public places by the forces of state and municipal sanitary services. Unfortunately, it is impossible to cover the vast territories of potential carriers of the virus. It is necessary to order it in offices or production premises, as well as at home (in an apartment):

  • If an employee or family member is diagnosed with a disease.
  • Before fulfilling the quarantine isolation standards (for example, when returning from an overseas trip).

And also in places of mass stay of people (for example, cafes, restaurants, cinemas) at intervals depending on the traffic and on the basis of the recommendations of the official sanitary services.

For professional disinfection, the employees of the PESTKO company select individual formulations and their concentrations that are optimal for the procedure, taking into account the specifics of the use of this room. At the same time, customers can not only order the disinfection itself, but also purchase certified effective drugs for carrying out preventive measures on their own.

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