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Types of horizontal tanks

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Types of horizontal tanks

Conditions for storage and transportation of liquid, gaseous or bulk products require the use of special containers. Their classic example is horizontal tanks , which are classified according to on the specifics of their use:

  • Volume and overall dimensions of the container.
  • Steel grade used in the manufacture.
  • The principle of the device (distinguish between single and double-skinned products).
  • Installation of additional equipment (drain pipes, pressure relief valve).

Products must comply with the established standards of the current GOST. Its main and most important parameter is the value of the permissible internal pressure, which the tank walls can withstand guaranteed.

Ordering and installing a horizontal tank

The need to purchase and use its own tank for storing liquids, gases or bulk products used in the performance of certain production tasks by the enterprise is quite justified:

  • Practical side of the issue - no dependence on suppliers.
  • Economic benefit - you can always buy a large volume at a better price.

At the same time, the installation of the container will require minimal investment, it is enough to allocate space for installation and clear the site. And the cost of the tank itself will be quite acceptable when ordering equipment directly from its manufacturer. To select the required capacity (an important parameter is the type of product that will be stored in it), the customer needs:

  • Get acquainted with the catalog of products manufactured at the enterprise.
  • Use the online calculator for calculating the cost of the tank according to the parameters it needs.

If you have any questions, contact the technical project manager for advice, who will help you carry out the necessary calculations and draw up an application for manufacturing. The tank will be put into production immediately after the conclusion of an official contract. For all manufactured products the company "1 Mechanical Plant" provides a quality guarantee. The service of delivery of the finished tank by the company's transport is provided, as well as its installation on site.

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