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Tank equipment plant services

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Tank equipment plant services

Various industrial sectors need high-quality tank equipment that can store both various liquids and refined petroleum products, diesel fuel, and more. If your organization needs to purchase high-quality reservoir or tank equipment, you can pay attention to the proposals of the Stroy Tech Mash company. Production of tanks, presented on the company's website page https://mashteh.ru/tehpage_3.html - this is not the only direction of the plant's activity. Let's take a closer look at all the services.

Types of tanks for various industries

The plant specializes in the production of horizontal and vertical tanks, as well as containers for the food, chemical, oil and gas and other industries.

The production facilities of the enterprise are divided into small and large halls. In a small workshop, water towers, horizontal tanks and other equipment are manufactured. In a large workshop, experienced plant specialists are working on the creation of pressure vessels, large-sized tanks, as well as various metal structures. For this, the factory has everything you need - these are CNC machines, welding machines, hydraulic rollers and much more.

A special anti-corrosion coating is applied on top of metal products. It significantly increases the service life of products, preventing the formation of corrosion. For these actions, the plant has a special area where all paintwork is performed.

Ordering services from Stroy Tech Mash

One of the most popular areas of activity is the manufacture of metal structures and non-standard equipment. You can also order plasma cutting services here. All services are provided within a clearly defined time frame. The manufacture of containers and tanks is carried out in full compliance with the current quality standards.

If you need to purchase high-quality tank equipment, containers and stainless steel products with high performance, you can contact the plant's website to clarify the details of the order.

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