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NIKI patented an improved model of a flexible mine cable

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NIKI patented an improved model of a flexible mine cable

Tomsk Cable Research Institute (JSC NIKI Tomsk, part of the Cable Alliance Holding, which unites the cable assets of UMMC) received a patent for a power flexible mine cable.

Its peculiarity is in additional protective layer under the shell, which excludes short circuits. It is a braid made of innovative electrically conductive filaments that covers the cable's protective shield. Thanks to this element, if the sheath is damaged, the cable is immediately de-energized.

“The risks of cable breakdown in mines are quite high, for example, when rocks fall on it. If the insulation is touched and a short circuit occurs, then in the presence of certain gases, an explosion cannot be avoided. In accordance with the latest requirements of Rostekhnadzor, the mining industry should use a cable that is disconnected immediately when the shell is damaged, "explained Evgeny Lazarev, Deputy Director of NIKI Tomsk.

The new design was developed by the specialists of the Institute together with technologists of the Tomsk plant "Sibkabel", specializing in the production of mine cable in the structure of "Cable Alliance Holding" (HCA). The product is designed for connecting self-propelled cars. It has high flexibility, does not spread combustion and can be operated at temperatures from -30 to +50 degrees

Previously, a similar technology (early shutdown) was used in mine cables for shearers. However, there was an additional coating of flexible armor made of steel-copper strands, which made the structure heavier. The new material - electrically conductive threads - allows to reduce the weight and dimensions of the cable.

At the moment, a pilot batch has been released, which will be submitted to the consumer for testing. After trial operation and a positive conclusion, the products will be introduced into production.

“Products for the mining industry are used in difficult conditions. The task of our company is to produce a high-quality, reliable product, thanks to which the consumer can work calmly without emergency situations and economic losses. Our employees, in cooperation with NIKI specialists, are working out all kinds of options for improving the performance characteristics of cable products. KhKA partners are confident that when interacting with us, they will receive the most modern developments that meet all market requirements, ”stressed Alexey Zhuzhin, director of Sibkabel JSC.

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