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JSC "Uralelectromed" processed a record amount of non-ferrous scrap

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JSC "Uralelectromed" processed a record amount of non-ferrous scrap

Verkhnyaya Pyshma (Sverdlovsk region)

JSC Uralelectromed (an enterprise of the UMMC metallurgical complex) processed 92 thousand tons of non-ferrous scrap last year. This indicator became a record and exceeded the scrap processing level of 2019 by 30%. The high production result is due to: the rhythmic supply of raw materials, equipping the shop for acceptance and processing of raw materials (CP and PS) with modern equipment and efficient organization of the work process.

Over the past two years, the CP and PS have been technically re-equipped. The workshop is equipped with four presses, six overhead cranes and five girder cranes, which allows efficient processing of non-ferrous scrap arriving at the industrial site.

Outdated units have been replaced by three modern stationary manipulator units with convenient control. The productivity of each of them is 0.2 m³ per grip. The baler, being in the manipulator cabin, can simultaneously load scrap and control the press remotely. Using two joysticks and pedals, he grabs the crowbar and lowers it into the press chamber. Next, the employee presses the "start" button on the remote control, and the press will begin to produce briquettes, as on a factory conveyor.

In addition, last year, a production building No. 1 was commissioned in the workshop, where lead, copper-containing raw materials and municipal solid waste. The production area is equipped with a packaged press designed for processing lead waste and solid waste, and alligator shears for cutting oversized raw materials. This year, part of the equipment was transferred to the branch "Production of non-ferrous metal alloys", where lead waste will also be processed.

An important part of the update was the introduction of the principles of "lean production", which allowed to improve the technological process and reduce time expenses. A marking line is installed in each production area for the transfer of raw materials and the movement of personnel. Sectional entrance gates are installed in one line for optimal transport logistics. The manipulators and presses are ergonomically positioned to efficiently handle scrap.

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