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CNC machines for various profile purposes

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CNC machines for various profile purposes

Metal cutting with the use of machine tools is still the only technological option for the manufacture of most types of finished parts. Upgrading these processes mainly affects:

  • Improvements in cutting tools through the use of special alloys and hardening methods.
  • Retrofitting of machine tools with more powerful and more compact equipment.
  • Automation of the processes themselves through the introduction of computer technology and numerical control.

All the novelties in this area of ​​the past and the coming year can be found using the virtual exhibition center https://varitec.com.ua LLC "Varitek". The domestic enterprise is a representative of the largest manufacturer of machine tools, the South Korean company DOOSAN.

Machine models worthy of special attention

It is quite understandable that the world leader in the development and production of modern metal-cutting machine tools presents to the attention of its consumers primarily the latest generation equipment. It should include multifunctional vertically and horizontally operating GMTK ACCURACER series. They are capable, simultaneously or sequentially, to produce several technological operations of various types of cutting tools with the highest accuracy, regardless of the complexity of the parameters of the future part, in a completely autonomous mode.

The manufacturer did not disregard the requests of entrepreneurs who use machines for simpler tasks. Equipping with a CNC unit capable of eliminating the human factor, improving quality and shortening the time of work is carried out even at:

  • Lathes and milling machines of budget models.
  • Equipment for deep hole drilling.
  • Auxiliary band saws.

You can familiarize yourself with their technical characteristics and capabilities using the online catalog of the supplier "VariTek" LLC. Models of machines and accessories for them presented on its pages are available in stock, delivered to customers on a contractual basis with commissioning by highly qualified employees of the enterprise.

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