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Acceptance of scrap metal from the company "TransMetall"

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Acceptance of scrap metal from the company "TransMetall"

Delivery of scrap metal to collection points today is not only a way to save space from unnecessary metal junk, but also an opportunity to make a profit. Residents of Naberezhnye Chelny can contact the specialists of the Trans Metal company. Here they accept scrap metal in any batch on mutually beneficial terms.

Trans Metal services

  • Reception of ferrous metal.
  • Reception of non-ferrous metal.
  • Removal of scrap metal from the client's premises.
  • Dismantling of metal structures.
  • Loading and unloading operations.

The company accepts both black and non-ferrous scrap metal. Turning to specialists, you can use a wide range of services, starting with the removal of a small batch of scrap metal and ending with calling a team of specialists to carry out dismantling work and export a large batch. They will arrive at the facility at the appointed time, carry out all the dismantling and loading work, and transport the scrap for further processing. The client, after weighing on precise electronic scales, will receive the money. The calculation can be obtained both in cash and non-cash. Thus, if you need to disassemble metal structures, please contact the company's specialists.

Reception of scrap metal: highlights

Reception points have been organized to receive scrap metal. You can get acquainted with their addresses on the company's website. The cost of scrap directly depends on the category of scrap. If you are handing over ferrous scrap, its cost will depend on the condition, purity, and volume of the lot being handed over. Non-ferrous scrap is estimated an order of magnitude higher than black. Certain evaluation criteria have also been established for him.

The category of ferrous scrap includes shavings of an alloy of iron - cast iron and steel. All types of scrap metal in different technical conditions can be handed over to the collection points. On the site you can find out the cost of one ton of steel overall and oversized scrap, as well as tin. For more information on cooperation, you can contact the managers. Here you can find out the approximate cost per kilogram and ton.

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