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MMK's experience: a pandemic is not a hindrance to technical creativity

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Despite the unfavorable epidemiological situation prevailing in Russia and the world in 2020, as well as the imposed restrictions, rationalization and inventive activity in the PJSC MMK Group of Companies did not stop and develop. In 2020, 4984 ideas were submitted for consideration by expert committees, of which 3814 were approved for implementation. Despite a slight decrease in the total number of submitted ideas in relation to the previous year, the share of ideas accepted for implementation in 2020 increased to 76.5% (compared to 68.5% a year earlier), which indicates a higher quality of proposals.

The economic effect of the implemented rationalization proposals in 2020 amounted to 604.9 million rubles, which is 19.8 million rubles. more than in 2019. The authors of the rationalization proposals were paid over 22.7 million rubles as remuneration.

Also in 2020, 4 patents for inventions and 2 certificates for a computer program were received.

According to the CEO PJSC MMK by Pavel Shilyaev, rationalization activities are included in the list of priority areas for the development of PJSC MMK. “Today all big business in Russia and abroad is focused on innovation. Therefore, we at our company pay special attention to the development of rationalization and invention. The ideas put forward by our innovators develop existing technologies for their more effective use in modern conditions, and the system for submitting and introducing proposals developed at the enterprise has proven its effectiveness. We can confidently talk about an increase in the number and quality of proposals submitted and a decrease in the time spent on their implementation, " - noted Pavel Shilyaev.

To develop the creative potential of employees and motivate employees to take initiative the management of PJSC MMK organizes competitions, seminars, exhibitions and other events. Quarterly, the structural divisions hold contests for "The best idea for solving problematic topics" with the assignment of prizes and material encouragement to the authors.

In addition, every year competitions are held: "The best young innovator and inventor of PJSC MMK with awarding the 16 best rationalizers and the "Best rationalization proposal of PJSC MMK", determined in four categories: "Saving material and technical resources", "Labor protection and industrial safety", "Energy saving" and "Proposals related to the reduction of consumption factors in production" ... In each category, I, II and III places are awarded, and the best rationalization proposal from all categories is determined.

Information and Public Relations Department of PJSC MMK

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