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Reception of non-ferrous metals in Kiev

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Reception of non-ferrous metals in Kiev

Perhaps, everyone on the balcony or in the garage has a couple of kilograms of unnecessary items containing non-ferrous metal. Don't rush to take them out to the trash. There is a way not only to get rid of the trash, but also to make money at the same time. It is enough to use the services of companies that specialize in receiving non-ferrous scrap metal Kiev. So, the company "Waste paper Kiev.ua" offers its services to everyone. On the website https://xn--80aaa2bfd6apgd.kiev. ua /priem-cvetnyh-metallov / you can clarify the specifics of cooperation.

Metallurgical Kiev

Delivery of non-ferrous metal scrap belongs to the demanded areas of human activity. The larger the batch of scrap to be handed over, the greater the amount of remuneration. Anyone who collects a batch of scrap metal and finds out the address of the nearest collection point can hand over non-ferrous metal Kiev.

What features of cooperation can be distinguished:

  • High rates for the delivery of non-ferrous scrap.
  • Possibility of delivery of non-ferrous metal scrap in any volume.
  • Cooperation, both with individuals and legal entities.
  • Individual conditions for wholesale clients.
  • Calculation immediately after weighing a batch of scrap metal.

Thus, each client can count on favorable terms of cooperation, regardless of which batch is available for delivery.

Where can you get expensive non-ferrous scrap?

If you are looking for profitable offers where to hand over non-ferrous scrap metal Kiev, you can contact the company's specialists. They are ready to provide a wide range of additional services for wholesale customers for the export of scrap consignments. So, you do not have to look for freight transport to deliver a shipment of scrap metal. The company's specialists will arrive at the facility at a convenient time, carry out loading and unloading operations and take out the required batch of scrap.

Types of non-ferrous scrap for delivery

The company's specialists accept scrap of non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel, lead, bronze and others. Batteries, brass products, etc. are also accepted. The final cost is influenced by both the amount of scrap delivered and the degree of blockage. You can clarify the cost on the day of delivery on the website.

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