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Projects of modular buildings and structures

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Projects of modular buildings and structures

Strange as it may seem, but the pandemic that has hit the world fully spoke about the advantages of the technology of modular construction of buildings and structures. Hospitals and clinics with individual boxes for each patient on a turnkey basis were built everywhere in literally a matter of months. It should be borne in mind that modular buildings , this is far from temporary structures, they are:

  • They are made of materials that allow their operation for a period of up to 25 years in a wide variety of climatic conditions (as a rule, sandwich panels serve as the basis).
  • Installed on pre-fabricated types of foundations (depending on the project, for example, strip).
  • They meet all the necessary conditions for comfortable accommodation of people in them (including patients during an epidemic).

And finally, the most important condition for most practical developers (customers) is low cost, as well as full compliance with fire and general safety standards.

Basic types of modular buildings

Developers, manufacturers of modular buildings today offer a fairly wide range of so-called standard projects and accept orders for the manufacture of structures according to the individual parameters of customers. Customers should be aware that structures can be erected according to 2 main parameters:

  1. Stationary (non-collapsible) - individual elements of the building are transported to the construction site and assembled taking into account the requirements of the project flow chart.
  2. Collapsible - the building consists of separate blocks (modules, hence the name of the construction method), which are assembled at the manufacturer's plant and delivered to the installation site in finished form. Such structures can be easily dismantled, transported and installed in the desired place an unlimited number of times.

You can get acquainted with the types and technical characteristics of projects, as well as modular buildings already commissioned, using the website of the DEKOR lightweight construction plant. All options and models presented on the catalog pages can be supplied to customers with a turnkey installation.

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