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Where is expensive scrap metal accepted?

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Where is expensive scrap metal accepted?

The reasons why it is necessary to get rid of the remnants of the metal can be very varied for the owner. From the desire to free the territory from an unnecessary metal object, to natural waste at a steel billet processing plant, more details here you can find out which ferrous and non-ferrous metals are accepted for processing. But, in which places can you get the best value.

Purity of metal as an important criterion

Construction, erection companies and steelworks always have a large amount of scrap metal as a by-product. It is not necessary to store it on your own territory, thereby reducing the free space that can be used for practical purposes. The following types of scrap are the most demanded in terms of metal purity:

  1. Scraps of rolled metal.
  2. Disassembled steel structures.
  3. Defective products not approved for sale.
  4. End-of-life machines and other mechanisms.
  5. Alloy tools and consumables.

In all these cases, the purity of the scrap metal is not in doubt and is accepted by the points of acceptance of secondary raw materials at the maximum cost. Conversely, a large amount of rust, natural contamination with mortars or any other debris will cause a decrease in the estimated value.

Help with scrap metal removal

Not always, a company or an enterprise has the opportunity and time to engage in independent export of metal residues. The most responsible companies for the reception of recyclable materials necessarily provide a service for the removal of metal, in almost unlimited quantities. The main advantages of such cooperation will be:

  • no need to look for a special car;
  • loading with a special manipulator;
  • all the difficulties in removing metal from the territory;
  • Reception of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metal residues.

A truck with a hydraulic manipulator can arrive at any convenient time. All difficulties in loading, transportation and delivery are undertaken by the scrap metal acceptance company.

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