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Installation of plastic windows

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Installation of plastic windows

Each apartment must have high-quality window systems. They are able to provide a comfortable stay regardless of weather conditions and seasons. Today there are quite a large number of companies producing plastic windows. So, we can note the Kaleva brand, which specializes in the production of high quality plastic windows. You can find out more about ordering conditions on the website okna-hit.ru .

Features of installing plastic windows Kaleva

  • All products are fully certified and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GOST.
  • Windows are installed with a guarantee.
  • Prices and quality from the manufacturer.
  • Possibility of ordering by installments.
  • Use of reliable, durable profiles and fittings.

How to order plastic windows from the manufacturer

If in the apartment it is necessary to replace the windows, contacting Okna Hit is the right decision. Turning to specialists, you can order windows quite simply. The first step is to contact the office. Measurement is carried out at a convenient time for the client. A team of specialists promptly produces windows according to measurements. After that, high-quality installation and finishing of openings is carried out. At the final stage of cooperation, customers can count on warranty and post-warranty service.

Additional services of the company include glazing of balconies and loggias, finishing. The company also specializes in the supply of quality fittings.

How to order windows by installments?

If you cannot deposit the entire amount at once, you can purchase windows in installments. This does not require an initial payment. The installment amount can be up to 300,000 rubles. At the same time, there are no hidden fees, interest or overpayments. The installment agreement is drawn up instantly.

Windows of the manufacturer Kaleva are available for installation, depending on the series. Available in the Standart, Vita, Deco series and others. It is possible to order both two-sash and three-sash windows, as well as balcony blocks. For convenience, the site contains current prices for installing windows.

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