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New S205 alloy for processing heat-resistant materials from Sandvik Coromant

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Sandvik Coromant, an expert in cutting tools and tool systems, has released a new hard alloy S205 with CVD coating, which is designed to challenge the popular PVD-coated alloys on the Russian market. The new product is designed for processing heat-resistant materials based on nickel.

S205 is not the first hard alloy with a coating of CVD for processing heat-resistant materials from Sandvik Coromant. In the company's product range, it has a predecessor-the S05F, which has been very popular with customers around the world for more than 10 years, including the world's leading manufacturers of civil aircraft engines.

The key to the successful use of CVD plates in heat-resistant alloys is the use of tools with a small angle in the plan (square, round, radius plates), as well as finishing, where the removal depth is noticeably less than the radius of the plate. It is in such conditions that the new S205 alloy reveals its best properties: the ability to work with cutting speeds not previously available for carbide plates.

The S205 alloy is designed for high-speed turning of nickel alloys: both for finishing, and for light roughing and semi-finishing in stable conditions. In light roughing and semi-finishing operations, the new alloy often provides a twofold advantage in performance and durability over the usual alloys with PVD coatings, and in finishing operations, it allows you to use cutting speeds of more than 100 m/min.

In addition to high wear resistance, the priority of the developers was high performance in modern materials obtained by powder metallurgy, as well as compliance with the strict requirements imposed by the aviation industry: the integrity of the surface layer and residual stresses in the surfaces of parts.
The main application of the new alloy is the processing of critical parts of aircraft engines, such as turbine disks or high-pressure compressors.

PVD coated plates have proven to be an easy-to-use, versatile solution, suitable even for very old equipment. The new alloy with CVD coating S205 allows you to unlock the capabilities of modern machine tools and quickly recoup investment in technological re-equipment of enterprises.

"Sandvik Coromant CVD-coated alloys have been popular in leading industrial countries for many years, but in Russia they were treated with distrust due to the slower process of modernization of enterprises. Today, the equipment fleet is rapidly being updated, programming capabilities are expanding, which opens up new prospects for our customers. The new S205 alloy combines all the latest technologies that we have at our disposal. In addition, our competencies in related industries have expanded. Today, we are ready to provide not just a product, but a comprehensive technical support that will allow our customers to implement an alloy with a new type of coating in a shorter time with maximum economic benefits for production, " says Roman Plutok, specialist of the product and industrial segment management team at Sandvik Coromant Russia.

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