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Is it worth participating in public procurement Prozorro

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Is it worth participating in public procurement Prozorro

The first attempts to create an e-procurement system originated back in 2014. The idea was especially actively supported by activists who saw in the innovation a fundamentally new approach to the distribution of the state budget. The portal tender.uub.com.ua allows almost any commercial and government structure to register. And more importantly, any participant can count on his proposal to be selected for procurement by government agencies.

Benefits for Government Organizations

Government bodies are called upon not only to distribute budget money. They must do it as competently as possible. So that ordinary taxpayers benefit primarily from this. The main advantage of the Prozzo site is that just today, almost 3 million private performers are ready to cooperate with the state. Other advantages are worth adding:

  1. Choice only among permanent companies.
  2. Evaluate the contractor's reputation for previous commitments.
  3. Maintain strict and accurate records of the actions taken.
  4. Show people your openness and transparency in budget allocation.
  5. Avoid cost overruns by choosing the wrong artist.

Benefits for Private Business

A few years ago, an ordinary entrepreneur could not count on being entrusted with performing even an insignificant contract for budgetary funds. Now, offering better conditions compared to competitors, he can see all government tenders and on an equal footing to take part in auctions throughout Ukraine. The main advantages are:

  • simple registration of a new member;
  • timely mailing of new offers;
  • fully transparent public procurement system;
  • possibility to rent city buildings and separate premises;
  • participate in the repair and reconstruction of urban infrastructure.

The more bidders there are, the more honest the business is. Cases when the contractor asks for a significantly overpriced for their services are completely excluded. Indeed, in this case, there is more than one alternative contractor who can offer the same product or service on more favorable terms. A transparent market is the main principle of an electronic platform that has maintained its high reputation for more than one year in Ukraine.

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