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Metalloinvest invests 50 million rubles in the development of the Stary Oskol Lyceum

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Metalloinvest allocated 50 million rubles for the reconstruction and repair of the Stary Oskol educational complex “Lyceum No. 3 named after S.P. Ugarova ". The funds were allocated within the framework of the Program of Socio-Economic Partnership with the Government of the Belgorod Region.

Transformations will affect several buildings of the Lyceum at once: the facade and internal walls, roofing, engineering networks and a catering unit will be repaired.

"Thanks to the constant support of Metalloinvest, our educational complex has the strongest material base in the region," said the director of the MAOU OK Lyceum No. 3 named after S.P. Ugarovoy ”Valentina Kotarev. - We are grateful for the Company's contribution to the creation of comfortable conditions for training and the comprehensive development of children. The result of this work is the leading position of the lyceum in the region in terms of the number of gold medalists and prizes at scientific Olympiads and competitions. Last year, four of our students wrote the Unified State Exam for 100 points. "

OK Lyceum №3 named after S.P. Ugarovoy ”was created in 2015. It includes Lyceum No. 3, School No. 1, Teremok kindergarten and the Creative Center for Children.

Over the past five years, excluding this year's investments, Metalloinvest has transferred over 90 million rubles to the development of the educational complex. The company financed the renovation of facades and roofs of educational buildings, dozens of classrooms, recreation, libraries, sports and assembly halls. Equipped with modern equipment laboratories for nano-education and 3D-modeling, a technopark and an interactive museum. Research center opened. The territory of the educational complex has been improved.

In 2021, Metalloinvest will invest 2 billion rubles in the sustainable development of the Belgorod Region. A significant part of the Company's funds will be used to create a comfortable urban environment, support for sports, education and healthcare.

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