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Gearmotors for various types of technological tasks

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Gearmotors for various types of technological tasks

Certain types of technological processes performed using special equipment require a power unit, the rotation of the shaft (rotor) of which is used to obtain useful energy. As a rule, these functions are performed by an electric motor with certain parameters:

  • Power and performance.
  • How to connect to the network.
  • Energy consumption.
  • Overall dimensions and methods of service.

You can pick it up without much difficulty using the generally accepted classification and data that are presented in the manufacturer's technical description. And the situation is completely different with the gearbox, which transmits the shaft torque directly to the equipment, thus bringing it into operation. They are produced by well-known manufacturers already complete with a power unit (hence the name, "geared motor"). You can get acquainted with their types and models using the site https://techno-privod.com.ua/types/motor-reduktory/ the Techno-Privod company, which supplies this type of equipment to the domestic market. For ease of selection, the gearboxes themselves in the supplier's catalog are classified according to the principle of their design. It looks like this.

Worm gearboxes

The worm-gear principle of torque transmission allows achieving high parameters of the speed of the shaft transmitting rotation. The simplicity of the design is the key to its reliability and long service life. They have a low noise level even at maximum rpm.

Planetary Devices

The planetary design of the device allows you to achieve the required performance parameters with a compact size of the unit itself. It can be used in a mobile format, for example, for the needs of agriculture, moving from one site to another as needed.

Cylindrical unit construction

The cylindrical design of the gearbox allows you to achieve optimal high results in terms of power and performance of the unit. At the same time, they provide for the possibility of adjusting the shaft rotation speed by the operator.

Helical-bevel gearboxes

The scheme allows you to achieve maximum results in terms of shaft rotation accuracy. They are used to service expensive equipment in a wide variety of areas.

Most types of equipment launched using a geared motor belong to the category of rare and even unique (made to order for certain types of tasks) developments. To select the right model, you will need experience and high qualifications of a specialist. You can get such a consultation completely free of charge on the website of the Techno-Privod company. This will make it possible to make the optimal choice of both the type and the principle of operation of the geared motor required for the performance of specific technological tasks. All models presented on the site are in stock and are supplied to customers on contractual terms with a quality guarantee.

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