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Vaccination - weekend

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An additional non-working day will be provided upon a written application from an employee submitted before the day of vaccination, and on the basis of an order from the head of the structural unit. Payment will be made after the employee submits a certificate from a medical organization confirming the passage of the stages of vaccination against coronavirus, or a certificate of preventive vaccination against COVID-19 of the State Services portal. This approach is also recommended to the heads of organizations of the PJSC MMK Group. This measure will allow MMK Group employees who have been vaccinated to cope with possible ailments after vaccination more comfortably.

In addition, PJSC MMK has strengthened measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus infection among its employees. The enterprise still operates a mask mode, sanitizes the territories - at the checkpoints, in administrative buildings, along the movement of employees along pedestrian paths, in public places. Devices for air disinfection are installed in the workshops. The number of purchased personal protective equipment is not decreasing. All the necessary conditions have been created for the successful vaccination of MMK Group employees and their families.

“We are monitoring the epidemiological situation in the country and the region. The rate of growth of diseases causes concern and requires additional mobilization from us in all areas of work - the situation is serious, - said Pavel Shilyaev, General Director of PJSC MMK. - Over the past year, we have learned a lot, developed measures that have proven their effectiveness in the prevention of coronavirus. But the main thing is that today we are armed with something that was not in the first wave of the pandemic - a vaccine and the opportunity to be vaccinated. There is no other, more effective way to fight this infection. The workers of the plant have a unique opportunity to sign up for vaccinations through the corporate mobile application “My MMK”. Moreover, they can not only be vaccinated themselves, but also bring their relatives for vaccination. I would like to note that, according to the statements of doctors, the presence of antibodies is not an obstacle to vaccination, and now there is no need to take this test before vaccination. ”

Information and Public Relations Department of PJSC MMK

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