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Arrangement of a paint shop

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Arrangement of a paint shop

The procedures for painting and drying are carried out in special production facilities. Today we will study paint shop arrangement and familiarize ourselves with important moments.

Preliminary procedures

Before the staining process itself, it is advisable to perform a number of technological operations. Preparation is a rather dusty procedure. It includes cleaning, sanding, putty, etc. All these actions are carried out in the preliminary procedures area. It usually consists of several departments. A variety of equipment, tools, coloring compositions are located here.

Under what conditions are paints prepared

It's hard to imagine a paint shop without a color laboratory. It carries out the processes of preparation of paints. To choose the right paint, the following conditions must be met - select the desired temperature regime, lighting, etc. It is important to create an ergonomic working environment.

A colorist works with a device such as a spectrophotometer. He selects paint formulas without the need for a preliminary inspection. He also has at his disposal special computer programs for color matching.

Paint box

The box itself has all the necessary equipment for painting procedures. Compliance with fire safety is one of the main conditions for the arrangement of paint shops.

Organization of additional infrastructure

Special attention should be paid to additional infrastructure. It implies the organization of a local water supply system, which will allow wastewater to be discharged. Also, artificial lighting is carried out in the room. Emergency lighting is also connected. The luminaires are located at a height that fully complies with the established sanitary standards.

Thus, in order to provide painting services on an industrial scale, it is necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the painting workshop. This is a critical task that requires a serious approach. Engineers, builders, designers and other specialized professionals should be involved in the workflow.

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