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In Zheleznogorsk, the Outpatient Oncological Care Center was modernized

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In Zheleznogorsk, within the framework of the trilateral socio-economic partnership of Metalloinvest with the city and regional administrations, the Center for Outpatient Oncological Care has been renovated. The result of the work performed was the creation of comfortable conditions for visitors, an increase in the quality and availability of medical care, and an expansion of the range of services provided.

Governor of the region Roman Starovoit, CEO of Metalloinvest Nazim Efendiev and Deputy CEO for Sustainable Development and Corporate Communications Yulia Mazanova visited the renewed center.

“Today in The center for outpatient oncological care in Zheleznogorsk has created conditions for the timely diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases, - noted Roman Starovoit. - We are grateful to Metalloinvest for their support. Long-term fruitful cooperation with the company helps the region to successfully solve many important tasks for the people of Kursk.

“Investments in healthcare are the most important for us,” said Nazim Efendiev. - Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, we have made every effort to protect human health, have invested more than 460 million rubles in equipping medical institutions in the Kursk region. But we must not forget about other diseases that require special attention. Accurate diagnosis and timely treatment are critical to overcoming cancer. ”

Metalloinvest financed the interior renovation of the premises of the Outpatient Oncological Care Center. Renovation of flooring, ceiling and walls, redevelopment of the premises made it possible to organize a comfortable hall for patients. The chemotherapy wards were merged, the plumbing equipment was replaced.

“In our center there is a laboratory for the collection of tumor markers, mammography and ultrasound examinations are carried out to provide primary care and prescribe treatment,” said Tatyana Shevchenko, head of the Outpatient Oncological Care Center. “After the renovation, we managed to create a convenient routing for patients. Radiographic and endoscopic equipment, which was previously located in other parts of the city, was transported to the center. This allows us to carry out the necessary medical procedures in one place, which is convenient for both patients and doctors. The modernization of the oncology center in Zheleznogorsk makes it possible to increase the availability of care to patients, including those from neighboring areas. ”

Currently, the center employs three oncologists who receive residents of Zheleznogorsk, Zheleznogorsk, Dmitrievsky, Khomutovsky and Konyshevsky districts .

For reference:

The primary oncology office in Zheleznogorsk was opened in 2012. Metalloinvest supported the institution in purchasing modern diagnostic equipment. The reception of patients of the city of Zheleznogorsk and Zheleznogorsk region was conducted by one oncologist. In 2018, the office was transformed into an oncological department, and in 2020 - into an Outpatient Oncological Care Center.

The institution operates a day department, in which oncologists conduct chemotherapy treatment of patients as prescribed by the Kursk Oncological Scientific Clinical center them. G.E. Ostroverkhova. In addition, the oncology center has a palliative care office and an outreach service for palliative care.

For the convenience of the center's patients, an examination is carried out without a queue at a computed tomography scanner in Zheleznogorsk city hospital. The computer system "Bars" was introduced, which united the Zheleznogorsk oncology center with the regional oncological dispensary, the appointment of patients and examination in which is now carried out online at a convenient time.

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