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Severstal announced the winners of the Design Ideas Competition for the Museums of the Russian North program

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PJSC Severstal announces the list of winners of the Project Ideas Competition - the first stage of the XII grant competition of the Museums of the Russian North program.

The Museums of the Russian North Program -2021 is carried out with the aim of promoting the sustainable development of the northern regions through support new directions and forms of museum work and is focused on updating the historical and cultural heritage of the Russian North, identifying the best project initiatives of regional museums, improving the professional skills of museum workers. The program is carried out in 12 regions: the republics of Karelia and Komi, Perm Territory, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Kirov, Kostroma, Leningrad, Murmansk, Novgorod and Pskov regions, Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

The XII grant competition is held in two stages: a competition project ideas, the possibility of obtaining expert advice on their revision and a grant competition, within the framework of which the winners will receive funding for the implementation of their socio-cultural projects.

State, municipal museums and art galleries, as well as museums were invited to participate in the first stage of the competition other specialized groups with art collections from the regions of the program participants.

Acceptance of applications ended on July 1, 2021.

A total of 79 applications from 12 regions and 65 organizations were submitted for the competition. 75 applications passed formal selection criteria.

In five nominations of the competition, applications were distributed as follows: "Museum and Society" - 35 applications, "Tourism" - 21, "Tradition" - 13, ".Doc" - 6, "Collection" - 4.

The list of winners of the first stage was determined by the expert council of the "Museums of the Russian North" program. The project ideas of 22 museums became the winners, of which 6 project ideas were nominated for Museum and Society, 6 for Tourism, 6 for Tradition, 3 for. Doc, and 1 for Collection.

The winners of the competition will receive up to four individual expert consultations to finalize their ideas for sociocultural projects that will be submitted to the II stage of the grant competition.

“Congratulations to the authors of ideas and museums on winning the first stage. Winning a project idea competition is a rare opportunity to get professional support on the way from idea to project. Respected experts of the competition help the participants with finalizing ideas into full-fledged socio-cultural projects. This approach has already proven its effectiveness and creates more competitive applications for grants " - commented Natalya Poppel, Advisor to the General Director for Sustainable Development of Severstal.

The second stage of the XII grant competition of projects - in October - will be carried out accepting applications with already developed projects for a grant. Participation in the Project Ideas Competition is not a prerequisite for participation in the second stage of the grant competition. Museums that have not submitted an application for the Competition Design Ideas have the right to apply immediately for the second competition stage.

Detailed conditions of competitions and documents of the program are available on the official website of the program https://museums.severstal.com/

(part of Severgroup).

The operator of the program is the Trajectory Foundation for the Support of Scientific, Educational and Cultural Initiatives with the participation of the project team of the GratRaftig Social Innovation Management Center.

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