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Sale of special equipment in Ukraine from the manufacturer

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Sale of special equipment in Ukraine from the manufacturer

Special equipment is a special type of vehicles needed by utilities, agricultural companies, private firms serving housing, construction, road and energy companies. You can buy special equipment in Ukraine as new and used. In addition, there is the possibility of converting commercial or private vehicles for specific tasks.

Special equipment: what you can buy in Ukraine

Among the special equipment of Ukrainian production, such types of machines are in great demand as:

  • loaders;
  • taps;
  • flatbed trucks;
  • truck cranes;
  • tanks;
  • garbage trucks;
  • emergency shift vehicles;
  • duct cleaners;
  • aerial platform;
  • asphalt distributors;
  • road sweepers;
  • flushers and others.

Special equipment can be installed on a truck chassis of domestic or foreign production. It is also possible to install interchangeable equipment, which will allow you to use the same chassis for different jobs. For example, road sweepers can be used both for clearing snow and sprinkling the road surface in winter, and for sweeping and wetting roads in summer. Installing removable equipment will save you from equipment downtime, which in turn will help you save a lot of money.

Repair of special equipment

Like any type of vehicle, special equipment needs regular maintenance and repair. It is very important to find a company that will provide quality service and supply spare parts for the corresponding car brands. A big advantage in buying special equipment from the manufacturer is warranty service.

Where to buy special equipment from a manufacturer in Ukraine?

Sale of special equipment is one of the activities of the KPP "Spetsmash" company. We offer you a wide selection of special machinery and replacement equipment. You can buy ready-made special equipment from us, as well as order manufacturing according to individual parameters. The production uses high quality raw materials and modern equipment. All materials comply with European quality and environmental standards.

In addition, you can order from us:

  • diagnostics;
  • refurbishment of your cars;
  • painting;
  • repair of any complexity;
  • supply of spare parts from the manufacturer;
  • warranty and post-warranty service;
  • consultations and training of personnel to work with equipment.

PKK “Spetsmash” https://specmash.org.ua/ guarantees high quality of provided goods and services.

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