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Breathe new Life: ESAB company upgrades control units

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ESAB is launching a program for the modernization of automatic welding equipment, which includes the replacement of obsolete and discontinued control units REN on modern RIVERS.

The installation of the new model is designed to increase the efficiency and stability of welding processes on sites and prevent long-term downtime of productive equipment.
The REK control unit has absorbed all the advantages and useful functions of the REN control unit, while gaining additional features.
ESAB automatic welding equipment, equipped with a PEK control unit, pays special attention to the quality of welding seams. Today, this has become available thanks to a progressive digital control system and management of all parameters that affect the process. At the same time, the cost of servicing the control units is much cheaper than the REN boards and components are available in stock, which ensures minimum delivery time of components. Also, REC has a convenient, fully Russified interface that allows you to quickly study the system and get to work regardless of the welder's qualification.
REN power supplies were discontinued more than 10 years ago, however, they are still widely used by enterprises. In recent years, the cost of spare parts for technically outdated equipment has repeatedly exceeded the cost of the corresponding parts for the current – generation REC control unit. To date, almost all parts for repair have ceased to be produced, which makes it impossible to restore the equipment in the event of a breakdown.
Timely modernization of the technical base is able to prevent a number of crisis situations when the equipment fails, thereby generating production collapses, including project deadlines and downtime of adjacent sites and workshops.
"Modernization of industrial equipment is an opportunity for specialists to fully reveal the advantages of the product they produce and bring it to a completely new level, thanks to innovations. One of the main priorities of ESAB is to provide full access to the latest technical solutions in the field of welding process for its customers," says Dmitry Kuraksa, Managing Director of ESAB Russia and the CIS.

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