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CZP is building a new compressor room

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CZP is building a new compressor room

New "lungs" of the Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant (an enterprise of the UMMC metallurgical complex) will provide the workshops with dry air. The most important facility is being built to replace the old piston compressor room, built back in 1934. The new system will also serve as a reserve for the compressors of the Zinc Electrolysis Complex, which have been in operation since 2001. In the future, they can be replaced step by step.

- The new compressor station will operate according to a different principle, - said the deputy head of the energy department Erik Sabitov. - It will supply the workshops with dry air, which will exclude even the slightest possibility of freezing of air ducts.

The facility meets modern principles of energy conservation. Air production will become more efficient and cover the needs of existing consumption and newly commissioned capital construction projects. Also in the building of the compressor station there will be a new spacious control room with modern equipment, which will ensure the management of compressed air production throughout the plant.

- It is important that a new 10 kV switchgear has been built to supply power to new and existing KEC compressors, - noted Eric Sabitov. - It will add reliability in power supply, and hence reliability in operation.

The commissioning of the facility is scheduled for September this year. The cost of construction, including commissioning and equipment, amounted to about 330 million rubles.

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