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Metalloinvest unveils corporate medicine development strategy at All-Russian Labor Protection Week

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Metalloinvest presented a strategy for the development of corporate medicine at the All-Russian Labor Protection Week in Sochi.

The company plans to continue developing its own medical assets and to assist the development of state medical organizations in the cities of presence. This approach has a positive synergistic effect on the quality and availability of medical care in the regions.

The development strategy of corporate medical organizations is aimed at creating a health management system based on health-saving medical technologies and fostering a responsible attitude to health among employees.

Key areas of corporate medicine development:

  • development of digital technologies - creation of a medical information system, personal monitoring of health status, a system of telemedicine consultations, automation of medical examinations;
  • development of predictive medicine, introduction of new medical technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases;
  • disease prevention and healthy lifestyle promotion;
  • development of human resources in a medical institution.

“Our mission is to protect the health of our employees. This means - monitoring and analysis of the functional state, prevention and early diagnosis of diseases, reducing the risk of emergencies associated with the human factor. We are also working on a program to detect early signs of occupational disease. It will help preserve the professional health and longevity of our employees, ”said Yulia Mazanova, Deputy General Director for Sustainable Development and Corporate Communications of Metalloinvest.

The safety and health of employees have always been in the focus of the Company.

“The pandemic has proven the correctness of the chosen strategy of Metalloinvest in the healthcare sector. In response to the challenges of the pandemic, we have strengthened the corporate medicine system and provided support to the health care system in the regions where we operate. In a short time, a massive vaccination campaign was launched. As of September 1, more than 40 thousand of our employees were vaccinated - this is 74% of the total number of employees. The maturity of the approach to health protection and the developed corporate medical service helped us achieve such a high indicator, ”Yulia Mazanova emphasized.

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