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I was vaccinated! And you?.

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A campaign to prevent the spread of Covid-19 continues in Belarus. Vaccinations in the republic are ongoing. There are enough vaccines left over in medical institutions.

Right now, you can get two vaccines: Russian (SputikV) and Chinese (VeroCell). Recall that 1.5 million doses of the Chinese vaccine arrived in Belarus in early September, now they are already available for employees of all enterprises of the Belarusian Metallurgical Company holding.

Although vaccines cannot be directly compared with each other (from - due to the difference in research approaches), all of them are distinguished by high protection efficiency. First of all - from a severe form of the disease. In other words, it is still possible to get sick, but it will be much easier to carry the disease.

This is evidenced by the studies conducted in Brazil. Thus, the effectiveness of two doses was 51% in terms of protection against infection with the virus, and 100% protection was obtained from the severe form of COVID-19 and from hospitalization. At the same time, March studies in Turkey showed the effectiveness of the vaccine at 83.5%. It is not for nothing that a group of WHO experts recommends the use of the Chinese vaccine as a priority.

Let us remind you that vaccination in Belarus is free and voluntary. But so far only 18.3% of the employees of OJSC “BMZ” have used the opportunity to get vaccinated. Although both WHO and the Belarusian Ministry of Health call vaccination one of the most effective methods of preventing COVID-19.

In this matter, much, if not everything, depends on us. Don't miss the opportunity to take care of your health. You can get vaccinated in health centers No. 1 (ABK STPTs-1) and No. 9 (ABK SPTs-2) from 9.00 to 19.00 on any weekday. Phone numbers: 5-44-22 (health center # 1) and 5-38-20 (health center # 9).

Keep in mind that one ampoule of vaccine contains a dosage for two people, so it is better to come in two or make an appointment in advance. And since any vaccine is not 100% guaranteed, remember to wear masks and keep your social distance. Cheers!

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