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Sibkabel modernized the production of cables for miners

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Sibkabel modernized the production of cables for miners

A new continuous vulcanization line was installed at the Sibkabel plant (part of the Cable Alliance Holding, which unites the cable assets of UMMC), which will increase production efficiency and quality control of products for the mining industry.

Modern equipment at a cost about 1.6 million euros were installed in workshop No. 6, where mining and excavator cables are produced. The continuous vulcanization line is designed to apply rubber insulation to the conductive core (TPG).

“The advantage of the new line is in the preheating of TPG, which increases the vulcanization rate by 10%. The process was also accelerated due to the fact that there was no need to heat the rubber compound itself. When using the old technology, the rubber was preheated on rollers, now this process is carried out directly on the line, which reduced labor costs ", - explained the deputy chief technologist of Sibkabel JSC Evgeny Stryzhkov.

Modern automatic control promptly provides the results of parameter measurements design of the cable to the display, so that the operator can instantly react to the slightest deviations. This allows you to economically use materials and eliminate waste.

In addition, the automation saves time on retooling. Due to the presence of additional units, it is possible to change the giving and receiving drums without stopping the production process. Also, video cameras are installed on the outgoing and receiving devices, allowing to monitor the operation of the main nodes in the online mode.

“On the new line, together with the general industrial nomenclature, an insulated conductor is manufactured for a mine cable - one of the key product groups. Its annual production volume reaches 1000 km. The industry has special requirements for the reliability, safety, quality and design of the cable. To comply with them, it is necessary to constantly improve technological processes and introduce new developments, which we are actively doing in cooperation with other structures of the holding, ”stressed Alexey Zhuzhin, director of Sibkabel JSC.

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