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Izhstal employees competed in safety knowledge

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The brigades of the Izhstal plant (part of the Mechel Group) competed in the field of labor protection during loading and unloading operations.

Each team consisted of a person responsible for the safe production of work with the use of lifting mechanisms, a crane driver, a mechanic-repairman and two slingers.

In the practical part, the team loaded a specific part into a gondola car and unloaded it to its original place in compliance with safety requirements. Then, the interaction of the crane driver and slingers was checked in conditions of limited visibility, which often arise when moving goods in a production workshop. At this stage, the crane driver moved the trough along a specially marked route under the guidance of a signalman who duplicated the signals of the main slinger. Penalties were awarded for the violations committed.

In the theoretical part, the contestants answered questions from the field of labor protection and industrial safety, demonstrated skills in providing first aid in case of industrial injuries, knowledge of the rules for using personal protective equipment. The mechanic-repairman was asked to adjust the crane brake.

The brigade of the tool shop did the best with the tasks. The second place was taken by the first brigade of the rolling shop. Steelworkers are in third place. Professional bonuses for a period of one year have been established for the members of the prize-winning teams. All participants of the competition were thanked and presented with memorable gifts.


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