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How to open a brasserie franchise correctly?

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Today, franchisees offer customers the opening of several different types of beer shops

How to open a brasserie franchise correctly?

Due to the high popularity of beer in Russia buying a franchise a beer store is considered one of the most effective ways of investing funds. High efficiency is due to the fact that a beer shop franchise allows an entrepreneur to get a fully working business model that has a high level of resistance to various crisis situations, and therefore minimizes the risk of investing money as much as possible.

Why an aspiring entrepreneur should use a beer shop franchise

According to statistical studies conducted by Rospotrebnadzor, more than 63% of Russian men drink beer daily. Moreover, in 2019, 800 million decaliters of this alcoholic drink were sold through retail beer stores. In addition, the sale of beer is a high-margin type of business, since its sale through retail trade establishments is carried out with a markup equal to an average of 120 percent. In addition, in order to start running such a business, an entrepreneur does not need to obtain specialized licenses.

Over the past few years, the demand for craft beer has been steadily increasing among Russian consumers, as well as beer belonging to special sorts, including fruit, honey, spicy and spicy foamy beer drinks. In this regard, shops, which also act as pubs, have become very popular with consumers.

What are the benefits of buying a beer shop franchise for a businessman?

As the statistical calculations show, the net financial profit of a beer store opened under a franchise and having a well-known and popular brand among users, on average, is equal to 200 thousand rubles a month. Moreover, a businessman receives this amount after all payments. An important feature of this business is that the beer shop owner can combine his commercial detail with other work, since it does not require his constant presence.

After all, the company offering the purchase of a franchise will not only provide a working business plan and store development strategy, but will take on all issues related to logistics, marketing and legal issues. In addition, entrepreneurs working on a franchise can count on the supply of high-quality and modern commercial equipment, the purchase of goods at the most favorable price for themselves, as well as service maintenance of commercial equipment. And, of course, opening a beer shop under a well-known and popular brand allows an entrepreneur to get a large number of loyal customers.

What kind of beer shops can an entrepreneur start using a franchise?

Today, franchisees offer customers the opening of several different types of beer stores:

  1. Self-service beer minimarket. Typically, such trading establishments offer customers from 80 to 200 varieties of foamy drinks. At the same time, the store can offer beer both in glass containers and for bottling in plastic bottles.
  2. Outlets selling various types of beer. Small outlets of various beers are ready to offer customers from 10 to 20 types of beer in branded bottles.
  3. Pub or bar with takeaway beer. Such a trading establishment combines the functions of a beer shop and a public catering facility. The pub may have places for visitors, as well as the opportunity to buy beer at a bargain price. If we talk about visitors, it is worth noting that the franchised beer pub allows you to prepare various dishes, including hot or national beer snacks.
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