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Effectiveness of coolant for machine tools

Combustible lubricants

Significant abrasive contamination or deterioration of the basic chemical and physical properties of the product may be a reason for replacement.

Effectiveness of coolant for machine tools

To improve the quality, accuracy and speed of metal processing, you can use a special fluid. It is she who is able to reduce the temperature rise, to avoid deformation of the workpiece. High-quality cutting fluids for metalworking ... Preventing its sudden breakdown due to overheating. But, how is the efficiency of cutting fluid evaluated, by what parameters?

Most important parameters

Any liquid can remove the elevated temperature from the workpiece surface to be machined. But, in metal processing, this indicator is not enough. In contact with normal water, the workpiece and machine parts may subsequently undergo corrosive processes. The most important indicators of modern Motul fluids from Columbus include the following factors:

  1. Reducing the natural wear of the tool.
  2. Timely removal of abrasive at the point of contact.
  3. Leveling deformation loads due to high temperatures.
  4. Increased tool life for high loads.
  5. Protection of equipment from emergencies.
  6. Increase in labor productivity.

Important: There are plenty of reasons to use quality cutting fluids. However, not all of them can meet all of the above criteria.

Protection of processed metals

The choice of a suitable fluid can be based not only on the needs of the machine tool itself, but also on the types of metals and their alloys used. Some types of steel are especially difficult to process, without liquid it is almost impossible to guarantee a quality result without scrap. Metals that simply need liquid:

  • pure titanium and its alloys;
  • complex alloys of cobalt and nickel;
  • chrome-nickel and tool steels;
  • stainless and heat-resistant metals;
  • some types of non-ferrous metals and their alloys.

Of course, not all operations require liquid, but it really helps speed up the process. Timely cooling is especially important when performing particularly precise work. Special industrial oils can circulate in the machine for a long time. The filter elements will purify the fluid sufficiently so that it can be reused in a circle. Reasons for replacement may be significant contamination with abrasive particles, or deterioration of the basic chemical and physical characteristics of the product.

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