Frame pools

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Inflatable models for children come in a wide variety of designs. They can be round, rectangular, square, etc.

Frame pools

Many people associate summer vacations with swimming, swimming and water activities. Indeed, in hot weather, I really want to plunge into the cool water of the pool. It is enough just to purchase and install it in the country house or in the courtyard of a private house. For large companies, frame pool is suitable, which is able to accommodate all guests. You can pick it up on the website of the Intex online store.

Frame pool catalog: how to choose a model

Bestway and Intex are world renowned manufacturers of high quality products. The pool models of these brands have gained popularity and trust of users during their existence. It's all about high quality, reliability, long operating period. The products of these brands are distinguished by an important criterion - interchangeability. That is, filters and cartridges can be easily replaced by selecting the parameters.

The frame pool got its name from the design. It consists of a special bowl that is held in place with metal grips. Installation does not require any effort, spending a lot of time. Also, you do not have to connect special equipment.

How to choose a pool for a child?

The most important parameter for choosing a children's pool is size. Such models are not large in size and not deep for maximum safety. Often the depth is no more than 60 cm. Inflatable models for children have a wide variety of designs. They can be round, rectangular, square and others. At the same time, models for small children have bright colors.

Selection of frame pools

If you are faced with the task of purchasing a frame pool, you can pay attention to the selection parameters. Among them are:

  • Pool shape.
  • Diameter.
  • Availability of additional accessories included in the kit.
  • Length and width.
  • Design.

Paying attention to the offers of the virtual catalog, you can choose a frame pool to suit your needs. To select a model, you can visit the website of the online store.

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