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Modular furniture: pluses and materials

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Millions of people love modular furniture. In the article, we tell you the main advantages of modular living rooms and talk about the materials used by manufacturers.

Modular furniture: pluses and materials

People don't spend much time in the bedroom and kitchen. Typically, family members gather in the living room to socialize and spend time together. It is also customary to meet guests here. Therefore, you need to create a living room that is comfortable and extremely cozy. This can be achieved by combining modular living room furniture , decor and decoration materials.

The modular living room meets modern standards of quality, ergonomics and practicality. It is available for purchase, and the variety of styles allows you to realize any idea and transform the main room of the house, regardless of its size.

Millions of people around the world fell in love with modular furniture and began to use it in the interior of the living room due to a wide range of advantages ... Here are a few of them:

  • Mobility. Each item in the set is a self-sufficient module. Therefore, it will not be so difficult to rearrange the modular wall in the living room to the opposite part of the room. You just need to free up space and move the wall item by item.
  • Variety of styles. Manufacturers make furniture in all possible styles. You will quickly find living rooms in a relaxed Scandinavian style, dynamic art deco and cozy jeepsea.
  • Accessibility. It doesn't matter where you live: in a metropolis, a provincial city or a village with a population of 100 inhabitants. In most cities of Russia, you can purchase modular walls for the living room. In exceptional cases, you can always order online.
  • Ease of assembly /disassembly. Manufacturers complete their products with detailed instructions, mark places in the frame for screws, fasteners and accessories. Thanks to this care, self-assembly will be easy for most buyers.
  • Variation in layout. Nobody forces you to put furniture as it was in the photo. To make a unique project, you can show your imagination or use the services of a designer.

Furniture factories use different materials in the production of modular living room furniture, but most of the models are made of chipboard. Surfaces are almost always laminated or varnished.

The edges are often covered with a shock-resistant PVC film. Facades can be made of glass, chipboard, medium density MDF, veneer and solid wood. Certified manufacturers use only high quality environmentally friendly materials that meet the European "E1" standard.

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