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Types and where power connectors are used


What are the connectors for electrical equipment, their types and applications. The main differences between power connectors and other types.

Types and where power connectors are used

Electromechanics, fitters, installers need not only professional tools, but also a lot of all kinds of spare parts. For example, the power connector is often used for cable routing. separate wires into a reliable electrical line.

What is he like?

This is a unique connecting element with low weight and optimal dimensions. Moreover, it is manufactured taking into account modern safety standards. That completely eliminates the occurrence of unforeseen situations (short circuits, fire, smoke).

What kinds of the above elements are there?

Manufacturers produce a lot of the above products, but not every type is really in demand. Since some connectors are designed for a wide range of tasks, while others have a specific application. However, all the previously mentioned semi-finished products can be roughly divided into the following subgroups:

  • by the number of contacts (1-5);
  • according to the degree of protection (do not allow dust, fine dirt, water droplets to pass through);
  • by connection method (with thread, cover, shutters, special mechanism).

By the way, cable connector can be laid on a smooth surface without additional fixing or sealing. After all, it is produced in a plastic or rubberized case, and visually resembles a classic outlet.

Where do the above elements apply?

These components are ideal for connecting various types of equipment (installation, construction, medical) to power grids. Similar elements are also suitable for powering small portable devices (household pumps, lamps, video surveillance). They are also often used when laying power lines to mobile service points, kiosks, shops, camp sites, hotels.

What are the advantages of the above elements?

They provide uninterrupted power supply at construction sites, industrial facilities, summer cottages. At the same time, such an electrical circuit turns out to be safe, reliable, resistant to atmospheric changes. Since these connectors withstand:

  • heat, sun rays, freezing temperatures;
  • high humidity, dampness, aggressive environment;
  • the mains voltage is up to 380 Volts, and the current is about 16-63 Amperes.

In addition, they are not afraid of corrosion, and their service life is tens of years. Moreover, such products do not require daily maintenance, and they do not need major repairs.

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