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Services of the company "Ukrspetsmontazh1"


CCTV system

Services of the company "Ukrspetsmontazh1"

The most common security method is video surveillance. It allows you to record events in real time, thereby organizing a smooth workflow. installing video surveillance will help solve security problems at the enterprise. In addition, it will make a person's life safer, minimizing the risks of theft and theft.

Video surveillance systems: installation features

All video surveillance systems are divided into two main options: digital and analog type of video surveillance. The digital type is more popular today, since it opens up wide opportunities for work. With it, you can save space on the hard disk of your computer because it has a video compression function. Modern IP cameras are even capable of measuring the temperature of a person's body, reading license plates, and counting visitors. It also features face recognition.

If your company needs to install an outdoor or indoor video surveillance camera, you can go to the website of the company "Ukrspetsmontazh1". The specialists of this company will not only help you choose the right solution for your goals and objectives, but also install all the necessary equipment.

Special attention is paid to the installation of CCTV cameras. It is very important to choose the height and viewing angles here. Thanks to many years of experience, the installation of CCTV cameras is carried out efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Choosing CCTV cameras: what to look for

If you decide to buy a security camera , it is very important to study the basic parameters. The most important thing is permission. The image itself will depend on its quality. If you want the picture to be clear, get high resolution cameras. You also need to focus on the following indicators:

  • Body type.
  • Lens type.
  • Infrared illumination available.
  • Functions to be performed.
  • The compression standard used.

After examining the characteristics of the cameras, you can choose the model that suits your subject.

The company's specialists offer to purchase and install cameras for outdoor and indoor surveillance for completely different objects. These can be both private houses, cottages, holiday villages, and shops, entertainment complexes, banks, offices, warehouses, etc.

If necessary, the company's specialists will make a free demonstration of the equipment, as well as offer several options for commercial proposals. Customers can choose the most optimal option depending on the price range.

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