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Lifting construction rigging


Rigging is not only chains, ropes and slings, a complete system consists of many elements.

Lifting construction rigging

Special devices are necessary in order to simultaneously facilitate the movement of goods, and not damage them. Their assortment is quite large, but they are all united by a single term - rigging. Such a wide variety is necessary in order to select the optimal devices for a particular type of cargo. Capable not only to withstand the weight of objects, but also to correctly distribute the load on the entire suspension system.

Steel Rigging

The most popular in the construction industry. Rigging is able to withstand significant daily loads. Not inclined to receive critical damage, versatile enough to perform a variety of tasks. Fasteners in this category belong to the following types of products:

  1. Rail mountings.
  2. Rings and hinges in a wide variety of sizes.
  3. Hook chains for the heaviest loads.
  4. Steel rods of different diameters.
  5. Additional devices, fixing and insuring loads.

Important: rigging made of steel is additionally covered with a protective layer so that it resists corrosive processes well. However, this does not mean that products are not subject to gradual or premature wear due to improper use.

Textile rigging

In the construction industry, textile rigging is not as popular as its steel counterpart. But, it is used to move goods of irregular shape and with easily damaged edges or relatively soft packaging. The main advantages of textile belts are the following qualities:

- take the optimal position for complex geometric shapes of the transported cargo;

- increased flexibility allows you to fix the rigging in any position;

- the minimum weight does not additionally load the lifting mechanism;

- color indication makes it easier to choose the optimal rope for the weight of the load.

Important: the only drawback of the textile material is increased wear even under optimal operating conditions. It is for this reason that cables, ropes and slings are used only in desperate situations.

Ancillary Products

Rigging is not only chains, ropes and slings, a complete system consists of many elements. The following additional products are considered the most demanded in the construction industry:

  1. Lanyard - a screw tie with an extended ring for fixing.
  2. Carabiner - for quick fixation or insurance of cargo, rings.
  3. Hooks are the most popular products, as they are most easily fixed on special holes in the load.

It is worth remembering that all rigging must be regularly inspected for damage. If such are found, it is dangerous to exploit it. It is necessary to replace damaged elements with new products with similar technical and operational characteristics.

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