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Laser markers: applications and benefits

Лазерная обработка

In the process of choosing, you should pay attention to the type of emitter (fiber, gas), output power, the presence of interchangeable work tables, lenses and other accessories.

Laser markers: applications and benefits

Laser markers are specialized equipment that has found wide application in enterprises where it is required to apply inscriptions, images, logos, barcodes to products. With their help, branding of goods is easily and quickly performed, and protection against counterfeiting is provided. With the help of machine tools, any information identifying it, the date of production, etc. can be applied to the surface of the product. This is a kind of quality mark that increases the confidence in the brand on the part of the consumer market. So, where is this technology used and what are its advantages over classical labeling methods?

Areas of use of laser markers

Laser markers are used in serial and mass production. They allow you to apply one- and two-dimensional codes, date and time of release, logos and any other images to components or finished products. Laser marking machines are widely used:

  • in the engineering industry;

  • in automobiles, ships and aircraft;

  • for the release of medical products;

  • in food factories;

  • in the advertising industry;

  • in the production of decorative and souvenir products;

  • jewelry and watchmaking;

  • electrical industry.

The laser beam can apply clear, easy-to-read inscriptions or images on products of any shape and size, including small chips, microcircuits, jewelry, watches, etc. It is used for branding products. Such equipment is widely used in the production of plates, pointers, plastic cards, etc.

The advantages of lasers when marking workpieces

The mass distribution of laser marking received due to its more than significant advantage over classical engraving methods:

  • The image is literally burned out on the surface, without violating the quality and integrity of the material itself, without changing its properties. The product does not deform, retains its attractiveness.

  • No waste. The laser burns out the material, penetrating strictly to the depth specified in the program. No residue remains on the surface to be removed.

  • Works with any materials. A laser marker can be used to apply images to metal products, various types of plastics, polymers, wood, chipboard, MDF, ceramics, glass, etc. The program automatically selects the intensity of exposure for each material, including fragile ones.

  • There are no toxic and harmful emissions in the working process. No metal shavings, dust accompanying the process of processing workpieces on classic metal-cutting equipment.

  • The durability of the received inscriptions, pictures. The image does not lend itself to abrasion, fading. It retains its clarity throughout the life of the product.

  • High accuracy of transfer of an inscription or a picture. Provided with a minimum laser beam thickness and automatic control.

  • High performance. The equipment operates at high speed while maintaining excellent image quality. The difference is noticeable not only in comparison with manual processing methods, but also with automated ones.

You can select suitable equipment to be marked with a laser on the website . In the process of choosing, you should pay attention to the type of emitter (fiber, gas), output power, the presence of interchangeable work tables, lenses and other components. If you have any difficulties with this, it will be useful to use professional advice and assistance.

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