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Cutters for CNC: varieties and classification, areas of application

Лазерная обработка

The article provides a classification of cutters for CNC - for metal, wood and aluminum, considers the scope of their application and features of choice.

Cutters for CNC: varieties and classification, areas of application

To make embossed ornaments using CNC, end mills are used, which are fixed inside the spindle. They come in monolithic steel and with soldered elements. All-metal parts of the greatest rigidity and precise geometry, are distinguished by high reliability in all modes of operation. In this article we will tell you what kind of cutters for CNC are, types and purposes of these products.

CNC router bits

  • Single-pass, throwing chips up. They work with low-melting parts - aluminum alloy, polymers.
  • Double-edged, axial from 45 ° to 55 °. Cuts aluminum alloy with minimal effort, without heating it. Thanks to the shallow notches, chips are effectively evacuated from the thread area.
  • V-shaped. Used to mill the bend area. Taiwan-made ARDEN cutting tools are in high demand.

Wood cutters for CNC

  • Legs with one run. Forms coarse chips. They are used for milling work with polymers - acrylic, plexiglass, PVC, chipboard, plywood. They allow high-quality processing of materials at high speeds and quickly remove chips when cutting products.
  • With two passes, throwing chips upward. They process infusible materials that weigh little, in particular - wood, polymers. They come in different sizes. They are often coated with a special compound that can handle almost any metal.
  • Straight ends with two leads. They differ in a straight cutting edge. Remove some shavings in one pass of the tool. The surface is milled with the formation of a fine strand of wood, plywood, composite, ABC, chipboard, PVC.
  • End radius with two leads. Cuts material with a radius edge. Forms fine shavings. Such tools are used for rough molding of wood, plywood, PVC, composite, ABC, chipboard.
  • Top chip ejection with 3-4 passes. These wood cutters for CNC are rarely used. They are necessary in the mass production of products from complex materials, they remain sharp for a long time. It is an excellent solution for roughing MDF, fast cutting of laminate, plywood sheet. Chipbreaker cutters are much more resistant to wear than their fine milling counterparts. The use of multi-thread tools for CNC machines pays off, when milling at high speed is needed.
  • End with three starts. Forms small chips. Suitable for chipboard, wood, PVC, ABC.
  • Throwing chips down. Can process a whole set of sheets in one pass. These cutters press down on the material, preventing the sheet from moving. They do not require additional pressure, which is another advantage.
  • Cutting chips down. Used to cut laminated products and do not chip at the bottom edge. They process sheet materials: wood, MDF, chipboard.
  • Compression. They feature complex blade geometry. The upper knife is opposite the lower one. When processing with such tools, chips are not formed, there are almost no defects. These CNC mill cutters are used for cutting laminate, soft wood. When using these CNC cutters, make sure that the bottom blade is shorter than the chip thickness.
  • Compression. Their peculiarity is the knives directed towards each other. The cutters work on laminated wood. These tools are best suited for processing medium-density wood, plastic, plywood, laminated products.
  • Straight blades. Suitable for routing in grooves. Multilayer materials are processed. Depending on the sharpening, they are used for cutting plastic, wood, and other materials.
  • Burrs. Cuts abrasive, hard parts. They work with hardwood, fiberglass, high-density wood-based panels. Parts are milled as quickly as single-cut counterparts. Parts processed with burrs do not need additional grinding. Cutters for this type of CNC machine, however, are available for both rough and fine milling.
  • Double sharpened tools are suitable for abrasive materials made from hard composites. They form dust strips.
  • ARDEN finished products. They process wood, plastic, chipboard, OSB, MDF, laminated parts. Built into high-performance machines. The cutting part of the tool is made of micro-grained solid-state alloy.
  • Conical engravers. Used for milling small three-dimensional areas of relief, for processing PVC, wood, orgs
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