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A wide selection of ferroalloys from a direct supplier

A wide selection of ferroalloys from a direct supplier

Modern domestic and foreign metallurgical production enterprises produce on an industrial scale more than 2.5 thousand types of steel grades and ferrous alloys, as well as non-ferrous metals. The manufacturing technology (smelting) of most of them provides for the use of ferroalloys for alloying, refining or deoxidizing the structure to the appropriate technical parameters (strength, elasticity, heat resistance, resistance to corrosion). You can get acquainted with the types of additives using the website of the company " Mischmetall " their direct deliveries from manufacturers. It should be borne in mind that any ferroalloy is a material that includes:

  • The basis of any kind is iron ore (Fe).
  • Binding components (additives), depending on the name - manganese, potassium, molybdenum, silicon and others.

Production is carried out using ore with a high content of essential components by starting chemical reactions and smelting with a temperature below the melting point of the base element. The technology is quite complex and energy-intensive, which is fully reflected in the cost of ferroalloys.

Order and delivery

For the smelting of a certain steel grade that fully complies with the GOST parameters, an exceptionally high-quality ferroalloy of the desired type and in specified volumes is required. You can purchase this material, which fully complies with the declared parameters in its composition, using the official website of the Mishmetall company. Ferroalloys are presented in the section of the same name of the online catalog of the Internet resource:

  • According to their classification.
  • With a precise description of the composition and technical characteristics.

Delivery of the required volume of a specific type of ferroalloy ordered by the client is carried out after the conclusion of the contract. Packaging is carried out in accordance with the established standards for this category of products.

For the company's clients, there is an opportunity to receive a free preliminary consultation on the quality of the material and to place a delivery order. Services of crushing or screening of ore into fractions are provided using the production facilities of the enterprise itself at affordable prices.

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