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Manufacturing of stainless steel products: characteristics of metal, grades


Currently, the manufacture of stainless steel products is widespread. What is the reason for this trend.

Manufacturing of stainless steel products: characteristics of metal, grades

Stainless steel has a wide range of applications due to its many positive properties. It is resistant to the appearance of corrosive processes, does not oxidize, and can be in adverse environmental conditions. In addition, stainless steel is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Products made of this metal are characterized by durability and safety of operation.

Properties of stainless steel

Product performance may vary depending on the percentage of chromium. The standard steel alloy includes 12 to 20 percent chromium. This alloy component reacts with oxygen and becomes chromium oxide. As a result, an inert protective film of insoluble oxides forms on the surface of the product.

The alloy may contain, in addition to chromium, additives in the form of manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, nickel, etc., in this regard, there are several types of stainless steel:

  • chrome;
  • chrome-nickel;
  • chromium-manganese-nickel.

The product is suitable for the manufacture of various things needed in many areas of human activity. Due to the presence of many positive properties of the metal, stainless steel can be used for the production of electronics, spare parts for machines and assemblies. This product is needed in the manufacture of medical instruments and in the chemical field. Stainless Steel Products used by builders , decorators and home craftsmen. The breadth of the field of application of the products is explained by the fact that the metal is easy to process, it has a high melting point, resistance to UV rays, moisture and mechanical damage.

What can be made from custom alloy

Products from this metal are also manufactured according to individual projects. The selection of brands is based on where and in what environment the product will be used. If the product is supposed to be used exclusively in a building, you can give preference to the low-cost alloy AISI 430. It is aesthetically pleasing and has a long service life.

A variety of products can be made according to customer drawings: from handrails to car brackets. Popular custom-made items are also stairs, fences, household items - various containers, countertops, etc.

Positive qualities of the alloy

The main advantages of stainless steel are that it can be painted, drilled, welded, processed with a turning tool. Also, such metal is subjected to bending, rolling, casting, laser processing. Alloy steel is produced in factories:

  • heat shields and lighting devices;
  • bicycle parking and floor coverings;
  • fittings and roof rails;
  • interior details and furniture (tables, chairs).

Most common steel grades

These include stamps of the 300 and 400 series. Products of the 300 brand are used in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. They are needed in the construction of ships and at oil and gas facilities. AISI 321 product from this series is suitable for the production of seamless pipes in hot water systems, for sewage systems and other areas. 400 series products are used for the production of decorative elements. Steel products of this brand are suitable for applications in the oil and gas sector.

Stages of metalworking

To obtain a product such as stainless steel requires many complex manufacturing processes. It is flexible and cutting of metal sheets, engraving, grinding, polishing. In addition, products are cleaned after welding, polished and painted. Now, in order to make this or that stainless steel product, they use computer programs. This helps to maintain the proportions correctly, and also makes it possible to see the future product in 3D.

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