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Types of transport metal products


There are several categories according to which calculations are carried out for future and existing projects, but requiring updating.

Types of transport metal products

The category of transport metal-roll includes a wide range of products manufactured by metallurgical enterprises, which are used for laying transport routes of the rail principle of a device for various purposes. Its required parameters are:

  • Dimensional accuracy of manufacturing.
  • High strength and sufficient flexibility.
  • Ability to withstand high loads and resist corrosion.
  • Resistant to temperature extremes.

Today transport rental is classified according to the specifics of its use. There are several categories according to which calculations are made for future and existing projects that require updating.

Railroad tracks

Carbon steel grades are used for manufacturing. To increase the toughness and mechanical stability of railroad rails, steel containing manganese is used. Finished products undergo technological processing by hardening.

Tram rails

A mode of transport that is successfully developing thanks to the laying of new routes. Today, for their arrangement and reconstruction of existing highways, several types of rails are allowed to be used at once:

  • Classic trunk products for straight sections.
  • Adapted for turns and crossings on or across highways, grooved rails.
  • Modified and improved grooved neckless models can be installed without sleepers at intersections or bridge crossings.

The required option is selected by the designer when performing calculations for new or reconstruction of existing tram tracks. Products must have strict dimensional parameters, fully comply with the established domestic and international standards.

You can get acquainted with other types of transport rental using the official website of LLC PKP "TechEnergoProm" https ://tepsteel.com/transportnyij-prokat/, which is a dealer of the largest domestic and foreign metallurgical companies. On the pages of the online catalog of the Internet resource, there are almost 1000 names of this type of product. All items fully comply with generally accepted parameters and have a quality guarantee. Deliveries of any volume of products are carried out on a contractual basis and in compliance with the established deadlines.

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