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Machine refurbishment - when is a spindle refurbished required?


Restoration of spindle assemblies on CNC machines. Sale of spindles in the company "Euroshlif "

Machine refurbishment - when is a spindle refurbished required?

Machine tools are the main equipment in manufacturing enterprises whose activities are related to the processing of wood, metals, and other resources. Each model of equipment has a service life, however, if the operating rules are not followed, the system parts of the devices wear out, and as a result, they need to be replaced.

To save on the purchase of new parts, you can contact specialized companies that specialize in the repair of equipment. Euroshlif is a company with 12 years of experience in servicing and spindle refurbishment and turning equipment, and occupies a leading position in the market, offering customers favorable terms of cooperation.

Maintenance stages

Spindle is made of materials with increased resistance to mechanical stress. Despite such qualities of the part, a limited service life of this unit is provided, after which it will be repaired or replaced. Approaching the specified wear period, the physical and mechanical parameters of the spindle approach unacceptable values.

What affects premature wear:

  • increased radial runout;
  • excess temperature, which leads to frequent heating of the spindle;
  • reducing the amount of coolant;
  • vibration;
  • closure between turns;
  • violation of the winding integrity.

At the first stage of service, an introductory control and visual assessment of the control room condition is carried out. Only after that the spindle is removed and installed on the stand for detailed diagnostics. Further operations carried out by Euroshleaf experts follow the standard procedure:

  • assessment of bearing seats, with further lapping, grinding, turning, building up;
  • restoration of body parts;
  • installing new bearings;
  • eliminating leaks in the cooling system;
  • change sensors;
  • restoring clamping system parameters;
  • restoration of winding integrity, rotor magnetization.

Bending the shaft requires machining. In the process of shaft straightening, it is possible to reduce the spindle runout frequency, thereby prolonging the service life of the device. Components with rotating parts inside the structure must be balanced. The listed operations are performed in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Terms and guarantees

The repair time of the spindle depends on the nature of the damage and the degree of wear on the shaft surface. Parts required for replacement are in the company's warehouse, so the customer does not have to wait for long deliveries.

Benefits of cooperation with Euroshleaf:

    • optimal combination of efficiency with a high-quality final result;
    • operations are carried out by experienced craftsmen who use specialized equipment and tools;
    • own production facilities;
    • replacement parts are in stock.

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