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Welded sections of twigs


Welded wire fences, metal wire - quality and efficient fencing

Welded sections of twigs

the Most popular fencing today is considered welded wire fences 2D and 3D. The basis of such a fence – the pillars round or square with special plugs to keep out moisture and dirt, is installed in the ground or a Foundation with a metal or plastic staples. It is attached to the frame, as the frame of fence, in which is placed a filling of metal.

the Fence has a 2D structure without bends made in the same plane (triplex). Welded wire fence consists of steel rods with diameters 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm, bonded by laser welding. The product is galvanized, the zinc coating and polyester enamel, or nanoceramics, anti-corrosion, the staining takes a few etapas surface preparation. To enhance the fencing panel range is complemented by horizontal bars welded to the dual, which guarantees exposure of significant dynamic loads, not bend and not break. Turnkey comes with fence posts, gates and gate, attach handles, locks and closures, and other fasteners. The height and width of the section is chosen individually for every order.

metal 3D panels apply additional V-shaped bend for the guarantee of rigidity. This bend gives the opportunity for rational and inconspicuous strip along the fence, lighting and alarm systems.

Welded sections of the rods 2D and 3D reliable and solid, demand for fencing in all areas of construction:

    • the construction
      • TSZH, ZHSK, cottages,
        • schools, hospitals,
          • playgrounds for children and sports,
            • stadiums, football fields, courts,
              • warehousing, the enterprise.

              fence mesh panels 3d-perimetr.ruFence mesh panels 2D and 3D has many advantages over the fences of other materials:

                • for a long period of use – from fifty years or more,
                  • installation is quick, no special equipment
                    • suitable price, available selection in quality and price,
                      • doesn't need constant care, atmospheric precipitation does not spoil the view from behind a coating of zinc or polymer
                        • has 2 layers of protective coating and not subject to corrosion, and UV rays
                        • bars painted at the factory during manufacture, do not require painting, only at the request of the owner,

                          • is not obscured from the sun, free air circulation, good review site, does not occupy much space,
                            • fits easily into any landscape,
                              • responsible for the safety of all requirements.

                              Welded wire fences, metal wire - quality and efficient fence!

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