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High reliability fencing

High reliability fencing

2D fences, very practical, lightweight and at the same time very strong in structure, are gaining popularity. This type of fencing has already become widespread in all areas of construction: both commercial and private. 2D sections are an excellent solution for a private house, garden area, sports or playground, parking lot and storage area.

Benefits of 2D Fence

Light weight and exceptional strength certainly make 2D fences very high quality and at the same time in demand.

Fences are made of the most modern and durable materials that are resistant to weather and mechanical stress. Galvanized metal wire is used as the main raw material, the diameter of which is from 3 mm for different sections. Such a 3 d fence mesh can withstand heavy loads .

The level of protection of this fence, despite its lightness, can be compared with stone walls and fences, metal and concrete. But the weight of the sectional fence is much lighter, so the fence does not require a foundation, which reduces construction time and reduces financial costs.

No need to care for him! It does not require even the most minimal maintenance.

Low price and durability of operation. It is available to people of any income.



The polymer coating makes the fence resistant to weather. With this type of coating, the fence will not be afraid of weather conditions at all, and the coating itself will make the fence stable and do not require maintenance, which is of course very cool.

Zinc + nanoceramic + polymer

The most modern type of complete fence coverage. Moreover, it is this coating that looks the most beautiful among all the others and is aesthetically attractive. The abundance of colors to choose from also makes this coating in demand among those who want to cover the fence in their city facility with it and thus highlight its fashion and beauty. The strict style allows the fence to be in harmony with any exterior.


The most popular and at the same time the cheapest way to cover. It is used by both those who protect any object and do not want to spend money, and people who protect their household, livestock and poultry. The coating is resistant to water, heat and mechanical stress. It is insanely popular all over the world and is available to people of any income. So if you are looking to purchase this coating, it will serve you for life and does not require any maintenance.

2D welded fences made of rods are the right solution for a quality fencing!

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