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Interesting facts about metals

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Interesting facts about metals

If you look at the periodic table, you can see that the amount of metals can compete with other solid and gaseous elements. Man invented many alloys, combining certain metals in certain proportions. A lot of interesting facts about metals MetalProfy , will allow you to look at the world around you in a completely different way.

The most unusual facts

Gold is not just a rare precious metal used to create jewelry. It has much more practical applications in electronics. The minimum internal resistance allows you to create electronic components with high quality and performance data. So, with certain technical capabilities, just one gram of gold can be turned into a thin wire 3 kilometers long. To other, no less interesting facts, you can add:

  1. To melt the most refractory element, tungsten, requires a temperature of 3422 degrees.
  2. Relatively safe gallium can be melted with a hand temperature of +30 degrees.
  3. White gold contains 63% silver.
  4. The only metal found in a liquid state in nature is mercury.
  5. Francium, one of the rarest rare earth metals, preliminary estimates have shown that there are no more than 340 grams of it on Earth.

Important: the most common iron and its alloys have a much more practical meaning in the world. Almost any human activity is associated with the use of metal tools, machines made of steel or individual components.

Useful properties of some metals

Certain alloys are used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Stainless steel does not come into chemical contact with most liquids, allowing them to mix, move and fill containers without changing their composition. The most useful are the following metals:

  • titanium, used as implants in the human body;
  • nitinol, a memory alloy, returns to its original form after remelting;
  • aluminum, a common metal widely used in all kinds of industries;
  • sodium, an unstable element that is important for the life of organisms.

There are many interesting facts related to the daily use of metal products. The gradual accumulation of facts makes it possible to abandon hazardous alloys and pure metals. And vice versa, use safer products in life that do not harm the human body.

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