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Features of Wumanizer sex toy for women


100% waterproof, it can be enjoyed even in the bath or shower.

Features of Wumanizer sex toy for women

Every modern woman has at least once heard about intimate toys for pleasure. The sex market is diverse. It is no longer necessary to personally visit a sex shop to buy everything you need for sex. This can be done online, for example, in the Nasoloda adult store. A device such as Wumanizer will allow every woman to feel pleasant emotions pleasure. Let's learn more about this spicy toy and its varieties.

Womanizer : features of the sex toy

Stimulant Wumanizer is very popular among the fair sex. Many men, in search of toys to stimulate the genitals, prefer it. This is due to the fact that thanks to such a small toy, you can quickly get pleasure.

What types of Wumanizers are there?

The device works on the basis of a vacuum, which, acting on the genitals, allows you to quickly get a discharge. So, if you decide to try how a device works, it is important to study its variations. This way you can customize the device solely for your needs.

  • Inside Out is specially designed for dual stimulation. In fact, it is a vibrator and a womanizer 2 in one. That is, in addition to clitoral caresses, it allows you to stimulate the entrance to the vagina or point G.
  • The Premium model is the perfect gift solution for a woman. Austere stylish design combined with a strip of gold will amaze at first sight. This is a novelty of 2019, which will suit all lovers of vivid sensations.

How Wumanizer works

A sex toy can work in silent mode for several hours. In this case, you can always charge it using a USB cable. Thanks to its 100% waterproofness, it can be enjoyed even in the bath or shower.

Thus, buying a Wumanizer, every woman can enjoy the effects of vacuum. It is enough to choose a model by size, color scheme, shape, design, availability of additional options. To find the model you need, you can go to the catalog.

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