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New apartment or square meters in the secondary market


Currently, many people are wondering what property is worth buying - a new apartment or housing on the secondary market. Let's try to figure it out.

New apartment or square meters in the secondary market

Everyone who plans to buy an apartment wondered where exactly to buy the cherished square meters. In this matter, you need to rely only on yourself. Before making the final choice, you need to carefully study all the pros and cons of the two options, assess the risks, and familiarize yourself with the proposals of different companies.

As one of the options, you should pay attention to the Twin House residential complex. It is located next to a large park area. The green area consists of birches, conifers and oaks. All this diversity is divided into sectors. Park "Berezki" is great for families. You can also invite friends here. Almaznoye Lake is located very close to the residential complex. Here you can not only walk, but also fish. An ecologically clean area is a big plus that you need to pay attention to when choosing a property. Especially if you have a family and small children.

The Twin House residential complex consists of a three-section building of different heights ... It impresses with its unusual geometry in design. The building plan is similar to the letter "H": two sections # 1 and # 3 are connected by section # 2. All modern technologies were used in the projects. The developer thus guarantees comfort and safety to future residents.

Home design is completely the creation of the author's ideas of architects. The apartments are designed in such a way that there is a lot of space and complete freedom inside the premises. Among the options presented, the buyer is offered traditional solutions, as well as apartments on several levels - two and three. This option helps to divide the apartment into functional zones by floor:

    • 1st floor - hall;
    • 2nd floor - studio kitchen;
    • 3rd floor - bedroom with bathroom.

Further, two-level apartments are divided into two more options: two-room and four-room. In section 2, right on the roof of the house, it is planned to equip an open terrace, which can be used by all residents of the residential complex.

An electric boiler will be installed in each apartment. Thanks to this solution, the heating of the premises will be individual. An electric boiler makes it possible to pay less for heating and regulate not only the temperature in the apartment, but also the beginning, the end of your personal heating season.

As in many residential complexes, there are areas for commercial premises on the ground floor. This approach ensures that in the future there will be those objects that residents need: banks, cafes, shops and much more.

An underground parking will be provided for car owners, and a special parking for guests. In the courtyard there will be children's and sports grounds for active recreation of the younger generation.

An apartment in a new building is, first of all, new housing. You are the first owner. There are no communal debts. There is an opportunity to make the finishing for yourself. There is also an excellent offer of the possibility of buying by installments or a loan if there is a little lack of funds.

There are a lot of scary stories in the real estate market about how a buyer can lose his money, not get a home. Eerie tales have hit both the primary and secondary real estate markets. And it is true. There are two problems. Therefore, first of all, you need to check all the documentation, carefully familiarize yourself with it, if possible, involve a notary. It is recommended to check the history of the developer or owner of the apartment. And only then make some conclusions, decisive actions. The choice you make will be the best for you. Your apartment is your investment. If you are very careful, you can make a profitable deal for yourself.

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