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Delivery of letters from the "UTG-Express" company

Delivery of letters from the "UTG-Express" company

Speed ​​plays a major role in the delivery of mail. Sometimes in various companies situations arise when letters need to be delivered to the addressee as soon as possible. Specialists of the UTG-Express company offer their services in this regard. Let's get acquainted with them in more detail. So, express delivery of parcels this is far from the only area of ​​activity of the company's specialists.

Express Mail Delivery Services

Thanks to the use of unique technologies that the company adheres to, customers can send a letter two hours before the plane takes off. At the same time, you can receive the sent letter already two hours after the aircraft lands. Thus, we can note the fact that the speed of delivery of postal items is, indeed, at a high level.

How to send mail?

Every client of the company will be able to send correspondence. To do this, you must specify the sending parameters - the city of departure, the city of arrival, date. It is also important to indicate the weight and volume of the parcel. Express delivery of letters can be provided not only along the route from one airport to another. You can also send a parcel from the city office or order a courier delivery to the door.

Clients can note the high level of quality of the services provided. An online monitoring service is available, which allows you to track the condition of the cargo at any stage. Cooperating with reliable insurance companies, specialists offer cargo insurance services. Therefore, you can be sure that your letter will be delivered to the addressee.

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