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Types and features of railway containers


Buying a railway container is a profitable investment. Even if you use it seasonally, you can rent it out in your free time.

Types and features of railway containers

Metal railway containers are universal reusable containers used for transportation and storage of goods, goods or bulk materials. It is a secure, reliable and mobile solution.

Containers gained popularity due to their functionality and ease of use. The main advantage of railway containers in comparison with other types of packaging is mobility. The design allows you to move containers from one type of transport to another without unloading it. This saves time, labor and money.

Types of containers

Sea containers differ in design and purpose. So, there are universal and specialized containers.

The versatile container is characterized by sturdy walls and flooring. They are used for the transportation of goods of different volumes. The doorway is installed from the end, less often from the side.

Specialized Railway container is used to transport goods that require special conditions of transportation. Such a container can be equipped with folding walls, a folding roof, a door on both sides. There are specialized containers with refrigerators to ensure the low-temperature regime of the cargo. This type also includes tunnel structures, tanks for liquids and insulated containers.

Classification by size

The main task of the container is to deliver the cargo safe and sound. And for this you need to choose the right container that will meet the weight and dimensions of the goods.

Sea containers have a carrying capacity:

  • 3 tons.

  • 5 tons.

  • 20 tons.

  • 24 tons.

  • 40 tons.

When choosing a container, it is important to be guided not only by the weight of the cargo, but also by its pressure on the floor, correlate the dimensions of the goods with the doorway and take into account the regulated loading limits.

If you find it difficult to figure it out on your own, it is better to turn to professionals. Experts will help you determine the packaging and place the products so that they are not subject to friction, deformation and other physical influences during transportation.

Benefits of transportation

The fact that railway containers are universal and can safely transport any kind of cargo - you have seen above. Now it's worth talking about other advantages of this type of transportation:

  • Savings. The route can be planned independently, choosing the least costly. Cargo in a container is delivered by sea, by rail or by car.

  • Security. The goods in the container are reliably protected from precipitation, damage and intruders.

  • Large capacity. Containers with a lifting capacity of 40 tons have a length of up to 12 m and a height of up to 2.5 m.

  • Convenience. The container can be delivered by truck to any city.

Buying a railway container is a profitable investment. Even if you use it seasonally, you can rent it out in your free time.

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