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Reliable storage for liquefied gas


The container is made of high quality sheet steel.

Reliable storage for liquefied gas

The active development of industry in Russia is accompanied by an increased demand for alternative power sources. Many enterprises have their own vehicles or use liquefied gas as fuel. Suitable capacity for above ground or underground storage can be selected at https://tansutech.com/sug among a fairly large range. Liquefied gas needs special storage conditions, otherwise, it can cause an accident.

Scope of containers

Gas storage tanks are indispensable for a wide variety of industrial complexes. Condensate can be stored for a very long time, and not be exposed to all sorts of dangers. And used as needed or on an ongoing basis. The main consumers of liquefied gas tanks are:

  1. Oil and gas refineries.
  2. Classic filling stations for cars or trucks.
  3. For the personal needs of the plant to power connected consumers.
  4. As an alternative energy source for a generator.
  5. For the smooth operation of a gas production line.

Important: the containers have a high class of protection against negative natural factors. White resistant color reflects a significant amount of sunlight. For underground storage, other methods are used to protect steel tanks from corrosion.

Key features of tanks

The container is made of high quality sheet steel. Welds are carried out on professional equipment and additionally checked for defects. Only after a multi-level check for compliance with all technical characteristics, they go on sale for everyday use. Other features worth adding:

  • application of high-quality and reliable valves and valves;
  • the most accurate pressure gauges, for real control of the pressure in the tank;
  • tanks can be connected in series in several pieces;
  • resist well to destruction by physical contact;
  • s do not tend to spontaneously collapse at maximum filling.

High-quality and reliable tanks for liquefied gas can be filled up to 85% of their actual volume. Thanks to this technical characteristic, you can significantly save on the purchase of a large amount of the necessary equipment.

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